Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum Review

The Easy Peasy homeschool curriculum is a great free online system created by Lee Giles. She covers preschool through ninth grade, and was nice enough to share the program with everyone for free!

Easy Peasy is always being updated and Lee designed the program to be a complete college prep system for christian homeschool curriculum programs.

The system uses real books, picture studies, copy work, and narration techniques, but it also has activity sheets and incorporates other online courses that are more traditionally designed.

Everything you need is posted online, just print out the pages for your course level and you can get started. Obviously, the main requirements are a computer with an internet connection for every student. Other things that will help with the students during their training are are paper, pencils, scissors, glue, crayons or colored pencils.

Easy Peasy Curriculum Highlights

  • The course has 2 full years of pre-k. This includes “Pre-K level 1″and “Pre-K level 2″. This is our favorite because your child can go through tremendous growth with 2 years of pre-k prior to starting the regular curriculum. This helps get your students familiar with the day-to-day structure and since your students have requirements every day, they ease into regular school more easily.
  • Phonics is a major part of the curriculum. If you are like me or my kids, this helps greatly with retention and makes learning fun.
  • Lee does a great job with the basics: Math, Reading Comprehension, Writing. As the students move onto to the next grade, she does a nice job building on what they have already built as a foundation and rehearsing those skills again before adding new material.
  • You always have the option to add more work from higher grades for advanced students or those that are getting bored with the regular level work.
  • They offer “layman” directions. They are well written and easy enough for a child to understand and get started.
  • FREE HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM! Can you tell that is my favorite part? After spending hundreds of dollars each year for a new “program”, I cannot understate how happy I was to find one program that covers everything but allows me the flexibility to add on where required.


The K-12 Curriculum

From the kindergarten level on, you have 2 options for your coursework. I use these as paths and for some students, grouping together makes the most sense but 9 times out of 10, my student prefer breaking up the subjects individually.

For Easy Peasy, you either select both math and English in a single lesson plan or you can select them individually. The “English” track includes grammar, vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension.


Each lesson plan has directions included for teachers and student. Lets say a student is starting a new section, the curriculum is structured in such a way that at any level past grade 1, the student can start independently and understand the requirements from the plan directions. The intent at all levels is that students will work through the lesson plans themselves, with or without assistance depending upon their age level.


Easy Peasy Reviews

I love how it is planned so well. I don’t have to supplement anything or add anything extra. – Heather M.


I use it for my 6th grader. Well done curriculum and sometimes, based on a topic of interest we supplement. Not because we think we need to but I am showing my daughter it is fun to learn and how she can learn more on a topic she likes. It is a great curriculum and Lee, the creator is very helpful. – Dawn S.


I use it for my 4 year old, 8 year old and 10 year old. We dont supplement anything. – Dana P.


I use it with all four of my kids- on only 1 computer. We not only enjoy Easy Peasy, but we are finished with school early & outside playing or doing crafts. It has freed up so much time for us to enjoy the things we love!

We use GR1, GR2, level 2 & 4. The kids are having a blast & retaining what is learned. I couldn’t ask for a better school year. The kids are even asking me to plan some stuff for summer!

I see there are a lot of people wondering if its enough, the author has an article on the site addressing this question. I think at some point we’ve all wondered about this with any curriculum we’ve used. I ran into a little problem with my child not “getting” the book that was suggested, I didn’t know what to do. I sat down & emailed Lee, not really even knowing if I would get a response, but I was so frustrated! She responded before I could go to bed that night, with not only great suggestions, but with sweet words of encouragement.

I know that this curriculum may not work for everyone, but don’t dismiss it without digging into every inch of the site…who knows, You might be pleasantly surprised! (I know I was!) – Susan O.


We use it & love it!!!! We use Level 4 and Level 2, both kids opt to do more than a days work every day, that for me makes it a winner and it means they enjoy it. – Debbie S.


I use it with my older children my sixth and eighth grader we supplement lightly, but overall I find it to be a fairly complete curriculum. Right now we need very independent work to happen with our family situation so I’m thrilled with it I think it’s a huge blessing and I’m so glad to have it. i think it could make a good base even if you add stuff to it and it could be a very good basic start for school. Certainly can’t beat the price! – Jessica T.