Mr D Math Classes

Mr D Math

Math is hard. Students often hate going to math class because they don’t get it. They need additional help that they don’t receive from their teachers. Mr. D Math helps make math easy and fun for students.

Mr. D Math reviews are also exceptional. Students that used to struggle in class are saying:

  • Nicholas M. “I used to hate having to do math. This year is different.”
  • Olivia D. “I want to say thank you. Your math classes made it much easier for us.”
  • Denise Q. “I was happily blown away. My son told me, ‘Mom, I like math now!’”

But math isn’t the only subject that is offered through Mr. D Math.

Students can also take classes in:

  • American Sign Language
  • Athletics
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Economics
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Music and Dance
  • Study Skills
  • Technology
  • Test Prep
  • ZBWA

Summer courses are also available through Mr. D Math.

Is Mr D Math Accredited?

Mr. D Math will be the best source for accreditation information, but based on a 2019 post from their official Facebook page, certain high school live courses received NCAA approval, including:

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Pre-calc
  • Trigonometry

If your child plans to take self-paced classes or classes not on this list, you’ll need to ask Mr. D Math directly to find out if the desired course is accredited or not.

How Are Classes Conducted?

Mr. D Math has numerous ways classes are held, and they include:

  • Live classes
  • Self-paced classes
  • Charter schools (specific schools only)
  • Homeschool Co-ops (specific requirements)

Most people begin their journey with Mr. D Math after trying multiple ways to help their children master tough subjects like math. Often, parents will go to great lengths to help their kids think math is fun.

And it doesn’t work.

Some kids love math, and others would rather do anything else. Mr. D Math changes all of this with fun classes that students enjoy.

While every live class is different, we’re focusing on self-paced classes in the following sections. Self-paced classes are very beneficial for students who don’t fit the mold of going to school at 8 am and going right into math class.

Plus, students learn a sense of responsibility by being responsible for going to class.

Mr D Course Structure

Algebra I is a prime example of most course structures of Mr. D Math. In total, there are:

  • 12 main lessons or chapters
  • 6 – 9 assignments for each lesson
  • Two exams

Students will have an exam after lessons six and twelve to ensure that they grasp all of the coursework.

When your student logs into the platform, they’ll have numerous course materials to work through, including:

  • Instructional videos
  • Printable course work
  • Printable copy of any worked solutions during class
  • Five question quiz
  • Extra online math help
  • Access to homework answers and how to do the math work

Mr. D’s teaching style and enthusiasm for math make learning fun for students – something impossible for most parents.

After every few classes, students will take a review to ensure that they’ve sufficiently learned course material and remember what they learned in previous classes.

Self-paced courses come with a spreadsheet for students so that they can track their studies. Parents can refer to the spreadsheet at any time to ensure their child meets their goals. And if your child forgets anything or needs to brush up on anything, they can.

You’ll have access to the course forever.

While there may be only 12 lessons, they’re broken further down into sections. For example, the first lesson may take two weeks to complete. Pacing is up to the student and time demands. Students can work their way through as many sections as they want at a time.

One section may seem a little slow, especially in chapter 1, so a student can easily go through 3 – 4 lessons without being overwhelmed.

Why Mr. D Math Works

Mr. D Math is taught by Dennis DiNoia, and he has been teaching math since 1988. Well-known for helping students master difficult subjects, all math classes are taught by Mr. D. Students can follow his teachings from one class to the next, and he brings the same technique of making hard subjects easy to each course.

Some students grasp math subjects fast. Other students may be masters of science but can’t seem to grasp easy math subjects.

In regular school, the slow students fall behind.

Alternatively, those who are gifted in math often fall behind their true potential because they have to go slow for their classmates. Often, these gifted students are bored in class and their math skill potential is never met.

Working at their own pace, students can:

  • Rapidly go through lessons
  • Slow down to grasp subjects
  • Revisit material any time they want

Mr. D Math allows students the freedom to learn subjects without fear that they’ll be left behind if they’re slow or slowed down if they grasp concepts faster than their peers.

Videos are kept to the perfect length, too. The pre-recorded videos are 20 – 30 minutes long. Students will need to focus their attention on the videos to ensure that they learn all subject matter, and the duration makes it easy to take breaks and decide if the student wants to go through the next video or not.

Kids who are independent are encouraged to remain independent. Many parents allow their children to handle everything from watching the videos to doing work and everything in between.

In terms of pace, Mr. D is in the middle. He doesn’t go too fast, but he also moves fast enough that students can get through lessons in 30 minutes or less. You do have the option to rewatch videos multiple times if the pace is too quick.

Live Class Information

Some students excel when they use a self-paced program, but many do not. Live classes are offered for students that do not perform well in a self-paced environment. Virtual classrooms are in real-time, and classes are just under one hour per week.

Since these classes are in real-time:

  • Schedules must be followed
  • Coursework must be completed promptly
  • Teachers do communicate with students more

Live classes allow all students to interact with one another using interactive chat experiences. Classes are lively and fun, but they’re also controlled and do not offer the flexibility that self-paced courses offer.

Mr. D Math Pros

  • Quizzes and exams can be retaken to ensure students didn’t forget course material
  • All course material is well-organized and easy to go through
  • Mr. D’s teaching style makes it easy for students of all skill levels to master hard concepts
  • Live classes are NCAA approved
  • Students have access to the class even after they finish it
  • Flexible programs that empower students to learn at the time that’s ideal for them
  • Staff is always responsive and willing to help students any time they need
  • SAT/ACT prep is available, too

Mr. D Math Cons

  • Live classes fill up quickly
  • Live classes do come with an additional cost

Mr. D Math classes are well-known for helping students worldwide learn difficult subjects with ease. If other math teachers haven’t been able to break through to your student and help them master math subjects, Mr. D may work for them.

The staff is also very responsive, so if you have any questions or issues when using the platform, there is a point of contact that can help answer your questions.

While Mr. D Math courses are a great way to learn math, they’re not ideal for students that struggle with self-paced learning. However, most students will find success with either the self-paced or live class options.